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Talking Point 91 Competition

Richard C O Lovesey Fine Art and Print

You can use your imagination for this one; what do you think 2024 will be special for? Do you remember something special from when you were 24? Would you like to have fun turning the numerals into an abstract or a mandala. Hide your 24 in a portrait, still life or landscape?

The winners will receive printsand cards professionally printed by Richard C O Lovesey Fine Art and Print. There are three prizes.

1st - 5 x A4 giclée prints & 15 A6 cards
2nd - 3 x A4 giclée prints & 10 A6 cards
3rd - 1 x A4 giclée prints & 6 A6 cards

Please note that if you win, the prints and cardswill be made from the image you submit, so it should be a large file with the colours and crop how you would like to see it in print. Pictures can be any size but we advise that it is best to enter pictures that have the proportions of about 4:6 (A4/A3 shaped) as they will print best. 


1. Pictures must be at least 50% dry colour pencil.

2. Any source material must either be your own or with permission from the photographer. If you have used a photo reference, other than your own, you must enter the name of the photographer in the space provided.

Copyright to use photo references by other people is the sole responsibility of the artist. The UKCPS is not responsible for ensuring you have the right to use references.

3. Image files should be between 1 and 4MB. Best quality please as they will be used for your prints and when reproduced in Talking Point.

You can use the form below or email, with attachments, to Please give the title of the picture(s).

Closing Date for entries - 28th April 2024

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